Dear TRUSTECH blog follower welcome back to our blog site ,in this post, article or tutorial we are going to talk about using OUTLINE VPN to access free unlimited internet connection all countries.

It's a fact that everyone wish to have free internet connection since telecom companies have hiked internet bundle costs and in this tutorial we got you covered so just relax and read the post till the end so as not to miss any useful steps.

OUTLINE VPN is a type VPN which uses shadow shocks to provide free internet connection in the world on almost all ISPs and so I appreciate the developer for such great work to come up with an idea of developing such a wonderful internet tool.

OUTLINE VPN can support sites or platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram and even YouTube in case your internet signal is strong and stable so let's hit gbs together.

Smart phone
Zero data balance
Working internet connection
Airtel or mtn simcard 
OUTLINE VPN application
Charged battery to surf 



Open any of your favourite app store for example play store , APKPure and many more but I recommend you to use Google play store and search for outline VPN and you will be shown something like this as seen in the screen shot below.

Then after seeing this just click on install an wait for the download and installation process to progress successfully.

After the application has successfully installed head to your app container or list and tap or click on the app to open it as seen below.


Now it's time to enter the server ,and this will be done just in case you already created the server and if you don't know how to create the server worry no more because I as said before you will covered with everything that is need for us to enjoy totally free unlimited internet connection on our smart phonnes.

Before we discuss on how to create the server you can still get the already made server on the TELGRAM group known as TRUSTECH INTERNET SOLUTIONS so just head to telegram and search for that group and hit the join button then after make a look up in the pinned messages you probably see the server and if you wish to create your own the steps will be shared in the next step.

Still you can get the server directly by following this site then later send the screen shots showing how you the site to the author in order to claim for your ready made server or even subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Now it's time to create the server just in case we havent got the server or we want to create our own.
Servers are in categories and that is to say we have v2ray,shadowsocks,wireguard,TCP, HTTP and many more and for our case we interested in the shadow socks or call it ss protocol.

You can choose to create your server from the country or region of your choice but I recommend you to use the region near you for better,strong and stable connection.

Now without wasting let's drive into the next step of creating the server to be used in OUTLINE VPN.


Head to any browser of your choice for example google chrome, opera mini ,Firefox , brave browser and so many others and type in the search box " sshstores.net " and many options or links will display but choose this as shown below.

So on this step just choose go with the first link as seen in blue color and tap on it to proceed to the next page and we shall the kind of server we want to create but remember as I said before our aim is creating the shadowsocks or ss.
This is the page we shall be redirected to as seen below so you will scroll down until you see shodowsocks server .

Now after seeing shadowsocks server just click on create account and enter your desired user name and password.
After creating the account you be redirected to another page asking you to generate the server as seen in the following screen shot.

On this step you will required to comfirm your not a robot by confirming the reCAPTCHA and then click on generate.
After the generation of the server 
You will be redirected to another page where you will have to scroll down until you see your generated server ready for copy and ready for use,the server is in two forms,barcode form and text form but I recommend you to go for text for for easy importation.

Here just copy the server by clicking on the red copy to clipboard button.


Now head to your OUTLINE VPN and re open it and paste your server key and a new interface like this one will appear automatically or can choose to press on the plus sign to paste it manually.
Now after pasting the server key or importing it it's time to click on connect and kaboom enjoy free net till Jesus comes back.

As seen in the image above TRUSTECH server is connected and running thus providing free internet on zero data balance .

This post is only meant for educational purpose ,any misuse of the post the author is not responsible.

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If you meet any challenges in connecting please leave the comment in the comment section for support.

                  🤪ALWAYS CONNECTED🤪
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