Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to our blog ,in today's article we are going to learn different ways we do earn senkyu points with mtn Uganda Mtn senkyu points or loyalty points commonly known as 141 points can be used to obtain different packages or bundles in return such as ;
👉Megabytes or mbs or call it internet bundles 
👉Sms bundles 
And all this can help you when you run out of credit to purchase them making it act as an emergency 🦺

Ways to receive senkyu points or loyalty points.
🔑 Mobile money 💰 transactions
🔑Loading airtime 
🔑Paying bills 
🔑Purchasing internet and sms bundles 

Now let's talk about one by one so as to understand it the better way.

Mobile money 💰 transactions.
Everytime we transact on mtn mobile money we are given senkyu points and this happens when we make withdraws and deposits.
If you want to make more points with mobile money transactions always withdraw and deposits big amounts of cash thus more senkyu points.

Loading airtime 
Every time you load airtime mtn rewards you with senkyu points so it's better to always deposit on your mobile money account and buy airtime your self to earn double ⏩.
This is beacuse when you buy direct from the agent your rewarded once so I advise you to always first deposit on your account then later buy from your account in order to get more points.

Paying bills 

For every payment you make using your mtn sim card mtn rewards you with senkyu points .
Here are some of the payments we get rewarded for ;

Water 💦 bills 
Electricity 🔌 bills 
Television 📺 bills 
School 🏫 fees 
Bank 🏦 payments
Online payments and so on.

My advise is that always pay for these necessities by your own than asking the agents to do it for you because you miss alot.

Note: mtn senkyu points or loyalty points are rewarded daily and can be used at any time you wish to use them 🤪

next tutorial will be about how to use mtn senkyu points or loyalty points

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