Hello ladies and gentlemen in tutorial we going to learn how to import vmess in the latest Napsternetv or call it Npv4 version.

All you need to is download Napsternetv latest version from play store 

This is different from method we have been using or the steps we have been following in the old version because in this version many features have been added and we going to talk about them one by one below.

1*Psiphon added
2*root checker 
3*change theme feature 
4*lock file feature 
5*Rename file and so on

These are the steps to follow while importing vmess in the latest Napsternetv version.

Create the vmess from any site or source of your or ask the creator to send you the vmess through any media such WhatsApp, telegram, normal message and any other media but in this article or tutorial am going to use telegram as seen below in the screen shot.
Here we are going to long press on the vmess sent from the creator until we see the copy symbol appearing as seen above ,now press on copy icon and the vmess will be copied to clipboard.

Now it's time to go and open our Napsternetv application which was already installed from play store as seen below.

After opening the Napsternetv application we are going to tap or click on the plus sign and we shall be shown several options to choose from as we are going to see in the next screen shot.

Now on this step we are going to choose import config from clipboard and we will redirected to another menu with different options showing v2ray config url and Psiphon server entry and our aim is v2ray config url so we shall go with v2ray as seen below.

So as seen in the screen above we shall press or click on v2ray config url and there we shall have successfully imported the vmess in our latest Napsternetv application or Npv4 vmess .

After here simply click on connect button which resembles the play ▶️ button to connect , thereafter you can click on stats to see if the downlink and uplink lines are moving showing data flow and if so your imported vmess is perfectly working.

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