Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to our blog this is your lecturer with another tutorial on how to download YouTube content that is to say videos and audio in all format .
Worry no more because I have created an application for you that you will be using to download YouTube videos and audio or content. This was after getting many questions from my readers asking me if I could write a post or get them a tool to download YouTube content as you know YouTube application has no option for downloading videos direct to someone's storage so with that reason I decided to write a post on how to use the new application used to download YouTube videos or content.

To get this application simply visit @trustechappstore or visit our YouTube channel for the link 

This application is simple to use in away that when you open it,it has two sections that is to say YouTube lite and YouTube Downloader section .

Now here all you need to is to open the app and select YouTube lite and search πŸ”Ž for the video you want to download to your smart ,after landing on the video you want to download just play it a little bit until the word share shows up or appear below the playing video that you want to download then click on the word share and a menu will display now simply choose copy link that you will paste in the YouTube Downloader.

Now press on the icon of YouTube lite to get back and then press or click on YouTube Downloader and paste the link in the search πŸ” box and now wait for a few seconds for the video to be converted and then choose the resolution of your choice .

After selecting the resolution of your choice you will be redirected to another page with download button then here all you need to do is to click on it and you will the video downloading ,here you can go back and search as videos as the other one is downloading.

Downloaded files will be simply stored in the download folder πŸ“ and they will named after the app for instance y2mate ... As it will be shown below in the screen shot.

Note:don't mind about the ads just press or click on x sign when ever the ads tries to hide the content or section you want to view.and still never mind because without I will make adjustments where the ads will eliminated on the download page.


Here are the ways ;
Use of YouTube video downloading sites.
Use of apps that are used to download YouTube videos.
Downloading videos on YouTube official app for future use when offline.

So here let me help you and disclose the secret behind downloading YouTube videos using sites and in this case I will just tell you one site in that names of Y2MATE and for the rest I will share them in the next post so endeavor to always check or our blog or evening following us so that you don't miss any useful posts or post.

Next I will talk about using YouTube video downloaders like Vidmate but of which I can't compare to our own made application beacuse Vidmate some times downloads videos which can't play without play it and making us waste time and end up even downloading something that won't play at the end.

Another thing that I can recommend you is using the YouTube official application or site to download YouTube videos so that later your able to view them offline.


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