In this acticle or post we are going to learn how to use this new application to obtain free internet world wide 

Remember that internet make our life easy and makes interactions of business and other stuff move on smoothly ...


Hey everyone in this post am introducing to you a new app called inf vpn, it requires no logins or accounts. The app is available on play store or any app providing sites, click here  and its just few MBS so don't panic that the app is going to consume your phone's storage.

Inf VPN is a VPN used in most countries to provide free internet and also change some one IP. This application works on protocol of TCP to provide free net access.
Inf VPN can be used to access all social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp , telegram,extra.

Though the speed of this application isn't all that fast but it can sustain us and keep us online hence allowing us to communicate with our colleagues over the net. 

This inf VPN doesn't need configuration files to work or connect so don't get discouraged or worry where to get the files.

Requirements for this application to work.

 1.Your  smartphone with internet connection turned on 

2. Simcard either MTN or Airtel with no data or balance 

3. Selecting fast server of your choice 

Download the app ,open it.

Head to the servers section select your desired server,mark it or check the button then connect as seen below in the screenshot,me I used USA but you can use any of your choice,it's not a must to use what I used.

After selecting your desired server tap the connect button and enjoy till your battery shuts down.when it fails to work for then leave behind a comment so that you can be helped by the author of this post.

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Note:this post is for educational purposes,once caught misusing it ,it will be your fault not the writer of this post .
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