Online money makers here is your good news ... 
We are going to make extra cash without the input of our own capital or investment so all you need to is to read the article till the last statement so as to understand the
Concept or good news in this post .
 Hello ladies and gentlemen in this tutorial we are going to learn how to unlimited cash or money online just using our smart phones .
Premise app or platform has been in existence for quite good time on internet but a few know it's value when it comes to online money making.

Premise application helps users to make extra cash online during their free time and the accumulated money or cash can be used as airtime when some one reaches the minimum withdraw amount of which I will not mention here because adjustments or changes are always made.

Premise has many ways of earning cash and these are as below 👇
Answering survey questions.
Taking images and submitting them to the premise data base .

Let's not waste any more time ,let's jump into our today's great deal.


Premise application

Internet connection

Valid gmail account


After having downloaded the premise application open it and register your account if your a new user to premise .

How to register on premise application.

1 create a valid email address or when you already have it just head to your premise application and open it where you will see login section , sign up section .

2 then here all you need to do is to choose the sign up section if you and don't have an account and different options will be shown to such sign up using Facebook, Gmail and so on but I recommend you to use Gmail .

Now click on the Gmail section and enter your valid email and create a strong password and make sure you don't forget it for next use when you visit the application again .

Now you will required to submit your phone and in this case submit the phone number with your real names so as not confuse the stuff on the time of making payments.

After registration verify and your account.

How to earn while on the premise application.

Here you will be required to complete tasks in order to earn and this usually take you 5 to 10 minutes to complete the task And there after completing your task your money is topped into your account immediately.

Do the simple surveys provided by the system and your money will appear on your account which can be withdrawn directly to your bank account,mobile money and other sources .

Next article will be about how to withdraw your accumulated cash or dime ... 




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